Unicorns are nemeses

When the body suffers a grievous wound or infection antibodies appear. In mythology and fairy-tale-ese, this is the nemesis, named for she who pursued those who pissed off the gods with their acts or presumptions. This is how I see unicorns because most of the stories about unicorns that leap to mind and don’t involve Twilight Sparkle , they’re a matched set: unicorns and something terrible.  Some tragedy befalling the land, or some foul creature, and yes often these stories have a cause-effect relationship…these terrible things happen because somebody captured/killed/defiled/something a unicorn. But it’s more interesting if we reverse that….what if these horrible things are how you get unicorns?

Now, whenever you do something horrible enough (a sin against nature, an abomination in the face of a god (or gods (or in the face of a dark god, which could prove interesting)), an unforgivable curse or the casting of a forbidden spell)  a unicorn manifests in a bolt of prismatic lightning, as if tearing through into the universe. Now they’re still impossible to catch but, like Juggernaut (bitch), they’re also impossible to stop and will hound you across planes even until the evil you have done has been revenged.

Swift, devastatingly cunning, and perhaps even capable of speech (but only use this in one scene per unicorn), unicorns would be a powerful magical beast to everybody but to its target the touch of (or impalement by) the horn would be a god-level magic unbinding….total protonic reversal that erases the unicorn as well. Wild unicorns loose in the world would be unicorns whose quarry preceded them into death, the realm of the dead being one place a unicorn cannot go.

The unicorn nemesis effect could even be something you could weaponize, making it a ward or arcane trap on a place, an object, or on a spellcaster. Sure we need to stop Fogrin the Enchanter and destroy his tower but if we do then this hoofy fury will pursue the party until we’ve all been atomized.

This makes the unicorns not just beautiful and awesome and rare but also frightening, and is at least a dozen campaigns all on its own.


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