F: TY/6
A: TY/6
S: PO/4
E: PO/4
R: FE/2
I: FE/2
P: FE/2

Health: 20
Karma: 10
Resources: FE/2
Popularity: 0


Known Powers:

Turk typically carries a light pistol (Good range and damage) and switchblade (Good damage). In very rare cases he may be kitted with better equipment according to the Resources of his employer.

Talents: Turk is trained to commit various kinds of Crime. He has knowledge of the basics of a variety of criminal operations and organizations, though he is a poor (PO/4) criminal himself.

Contacts: Kingpin, the Rose, Vanessa Fisk, the Enforcers, Hammerhead, Chameleon, Silvermane, Hood, Owl, Melvin Potter (Gladiator), Foggy (Guts) Nelson, Matt Murdock, Ben Urich, Jessica Jones, the Arranger

Role-Playing Notes: Turk Barrett is the most hard-lucked henchman in Hell’s Kitchen. He has a long relationship with the Kingpin’s empire but that worker-employer relationship is rocky at best. He is the quintessential henchman, familiar with every level of operations and with a wide swath of the criminal underworld. He occasionally grows a very elastic conscience. Turk talks big and sometimes tries to rise above his station but his endless failures have taught him his place, and several one-punch encounters with Daredevil have left him as likely to help (or hide from or flee from or just cave and walk away) as to hinder. Turk should be used to add a scene or two of levity to a session and to provide the PCs with information, with Karma being awarded in greater supply for disposing of Turk humorously than for just stomp-beating him.


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